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Break Growth Plateau With Exceptional
Urology Medical Billing Services

Tired of handling claim denials from multiple insurance companies? Outsource your urology medical billing to PBC & witness 30 revenue growth while you focus on patients. Our leading urology billing services providers help healthcare providers to make their business sustainable.

We have the capability to successfully deal with the coding complications, strict policies established by the payers and regulatory authorities. Make a successful collaboration with the PBC and bring in those dollars that seem to evade your practice.

Make Your Healthcare Business Thrive

Physician Billing Company delivers a full complement of technology-enabled urology billing solutions to meet the financial needs of healthcare providers. Our extensive experience has given us a deep, empirical understanding of medical billing, coding, and how to keep abreast with federal, state, and regional healthcare rules. Allowing PBC to handle your revenue cycle management enable urologists to enjoy the following benefits:

Experienced Teams

Collaborate with our top-notch urology billing company and furnish your practice with highly trained RCM experts. We streamline urology billing services to ensure high profitability levels.

Automatic Solutions

Our urology billing specialists integrate a highly efficient practice management system to automate your billing & coding process i.e. from patient scheduling to payment collections and all in between.

Claim Scrubbing

Hire Physician Billing Company today to get your medical claims right the first time. Our urology billing professionals scrubs medical claims to set them free from potential errors.

Capture Lost Payments

Our urology medical billing experts don’t let you deal with bad debts accrual alone. We recover your hard-earned revenue with optimized and smart accounts receivable solutions..

Collaborate with PBC to Elevate Profit Margins

Do you want to increase productivity by controlling capital costs? Then congratulations to find one of the most trusted and affordable urology medical billing partners. Our well versed medical billers & coders can add value to your healthcare facility in the following ways:
  • We help medical care providers to convert their fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Unlike other urology billing companies, PBC makes a huge difference in your profitability by cutting down your overhead costs by as much as 30%.
  • Prevent medical billing and coding mistakes to increase the rate of clean medical claims.
  • Ensure consistent cash flow with faster claims processing.
  • Stay compliant with the ever-changing billing and coding regulations.
  • Streamline the entire urology billing revenue cycle management to uplift the bottom line of your urology practice.
PBC to Elevate Profit Margins

Areas of Expertise

Our urology billing experts have in-depth knowledge about the complex urology billing codes and rules, urology-related terminologies & payer requirements. Let us handle all your billing chores with remarkable efficiency. We have a proven track record of working with the different sub-specialties of both surgical and non-surgical urologic treatments. Our expertise includes but not limited to:

Urologic surgery

Urologic oncology



Reconstructive urologic surgery
Pediatric Urology
Transplant Urology

Become a More Efficient Medical Practice

Leave your urology billing services on us and overcome all the billing and coding obstacles that hold you back from collecting maximum revenue. Our medical billing team work diligently for a common purpose, which is to increase the profitability of your healthcare practice.

Get Peace of Mind

Our experts eliminate the administrative burden, compliance risk, billing & coding errors to level up your business. Consult us to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

We invest heavily in the training of our billing teams, maintenance of state-of-art infrastructure and technology to help you achieve excellence in your business operations.

Get Insightful Analytics

We provide unparalleled analytics to enable urologists to get a deep understanding of the opportunity areas. So you can make intelligent decisions to upgrade your business.

Bring More Consistency

Our billing team ensures the regular claims submission, follow up and help you to get consistent cash in hand. Choose us as your trusted billing partner & enjoy consistency.

If you are falling behind your revenue goals, then it’s the right time to get our professional consultation about the RCM process. Forget about the failures and get ready to take your urology practice off the ground.

We Measure Our Success By Your Financial Results

Physician Billing Company implements billing strategies focused solely on one thing_achieving industry-leading financial results for our clients. That is why our clients always stay ahead of their competitors. Our core values are:


We are 100% HIPAA compliant and honest about our actions. We are continuously striving to earn the trust of our clients and stakeholders by providing the best possible transparency in urology medical billing services.


Our entire administrative teams are on one page and share a single purpose_which is to achieve mutual success goals. Our all departments are synergised to produce better outcomes for both clients & the company.


Protecting your highly confidential healthcare data is our top priority. We have strict security policies in place to keep our clients’ data away from unauthorized access, theft or mismanagement.


Physician Billing Company doesn't stick to the outdated trends. We embrace innovation wherever it needed. We help medical practitioners to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Do you have well designed and proactive billing strategies to achieve your economic goals? If not, then allow our reliable urology medical billing company to take charge of your complicated urology billing services and stand strong against uncertainties. Through successful collaboration, you can witness:
  • A significant increase of 10% – 20% revenue after the initial months of consultation.
  • Achieve a 99.9% clean claims rate.
  • Prevent expensive coding mistakes i.e. upcoding, undercoding, unbundling, incorrect modifiers.
  • Regular coding and billing audit to save your healthcare facility from financial as well as compliance issues.
  • Adherence to HIPAA guidelines.
Keep Your Business Running Smoothly