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With the network of our clients including doctors, physicians, and healthcare workers from all around the US. PBC helps medical care providers to earn better and improve people’s lives.

With a team of professional billing services providers, we help medical practitioners no matter the size of their business to combat the complexities of revenue cycle management and stay ahead of the competition.

About PBC

Physician Billing Company providing expertise in the field of outsourced medical billing and coding. This agency has helped several physicians, doctors, clinicians, and medical laboratories to prepare & submit bills at the right time. Our contributions have helped healthcare providers to generate significant profits and increase their revenue stream to a great extent. Our management consists of industry’s leading experts who have collectively decade+ experience in the revenue collection management cycle.

Medical Billing Solutions

We provide customized and totally transparent medical billing and coding services to physicians. Our certified laboratory billing providers prepare medical bills, submit them to insurance payers and keep them following up until you receive your money.

Regular Financial Reports

It is our primary responsibility to keep doctors informed of their financial progress. For that purpose, we provide regular financial reports to our clients. So they can get insights into their medical claims and financially converted services.

AR Recovery Services

Our expert medical billing providers not only collect revenue for your current services but also recover the old debt that you haven’t collected yet. They track down all the unpaid claims and sort out errors.

Claim Denial Management

Are you frightened of claims returning back to you without getting paid? Relax now! Our certified and highly qualified billers appeal claim denials and collect reimbursements. We are committed to elevating your profit margins.

Get An Edge With Reliable Physician Medical Billing Providers

With an experiential and operational workforce physicians become better able to drive maximum revenue when they outsource medical billing and coding services to PBC. We also provide reliable billing solutions for medical practitioners so they can get greater insights and comply with ever-evolving industry standards and customers’ demands to make their business run smoothly. When you partner with us you get expertise for highly efficient physician revenue cycle management and get a chance to work with a dedicated team that possess the core values:

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Do you think that outsourcing your billing mean giving up control of your finances? It’s just a misconception. Physician Billing Company helps its clients to achieve greater control and transparency. We provide compiled customized reports_that gives you up-to-the-minute evaluations of how your medical claims are being processed and the efficiency of entire RCM tasks.

Experts at Physician Billing Company dive deeply into your existing claims backlog to identify the loopholes that causing constant revenue loss. Then we implement smart medical billing solutions to eliminate the inefficiencies_ that results in a competitive advantage for your healthcare business. Join hands with PBC & get a deeper insight into your medical practice.

We don’t show reluctance in embracing innovations. Our physician billing services providers always stay at the top of the healthcare evolutions and have the ability to adapt to changes in terms of medical coding, billing, and particularly technology advancements. So, collaborate with the PBC & acquire the services of billing and coding experts, having a flexible mindset.

Our professional laboratory billing providers work together to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your healthcare facility to reach a common goal i.e optimized cash reserves. PBC fosters creativity and innovation by providing greater flexibility in the workplace. So, our physician billing teams work with high morale to offer immense benefits to our clients.

We are passionate to ensure excellence in our physician billing services. We serve our customers through innovation and committed to delivering value-added medical billing solutions with an unwavering focus on meeting the evolving needs of healthcare practitioners. Get in touch with our top-notch medical billing company and make the best ever decision for your business.

Account Managers

Our account managers are on a mission to reduce bad debt accrual, recover your uncollected dollars and maintain the financial strength of your accounts. Hence, we make sure that your credit is being collected without any hassle.

Medical Billers

Our certified medical billers and coders are highly qualified in specialized physician medical billing services. We handle and scrutinize your medical billing system from data management to reimbursement collection.

AR Specialists

You may never even know that you’ve lost millions of dollars in account receivables. Our AR recovery specialists track down your lost payments and appeal them to insurance companies so you can get your money back.

Customer Support

Your trust is the key to our confidence. So our customer support team put every effort to respond your queries 24/7. We provide immediate solutions to your problems because your satisfaction is what we aim for.


Our mission is to provide empowering opportunities to healthcare providers with an efficient and result-driving healthcare revenue cycle management system. Therefore, we provide outsourced resources and solutions to streamline your business operations.

So you can stand out in the competitive marketplace and rely on efficiently running physician medical billing and coding systems. Looking to outsource billing? 

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