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Reliable AR Collection Management – Old AR Collection

Is your healthcare practice heading towards bad debts? Physician Billing Company offers completely customized old accounts receivable services. Our highly dedicated and well-experienced accounts receivable recovery experts use cutting-edge web-based technology to interface with insurance networks and recover lost payments on your behalf. Acquire our specialty-specific AR recovery services and streamline fair compensations, quicker cash conversions and a reduction in bad-debts reserves.

Discover What We Can Do For You

Unlike ordinary medical billing companies, we provide custom-tailored claims recovery services to deal with multiple medical specialties.

Experts at Physician Billing Company resolve the inefficiencies in your RCM process and help you to unleash maximum medical accounts receivable collections for better financial viability.


Attention to All Unpaid Claims:

Our AR recovery experts dive deeply into all the unpaid medical claims, listed on the aging AR reports, to identify the major reasons that cause denials.

Prioritization For Recovery:

Let us handle your medical billing services and don’t let your business’ bottom-line suffer. Our medical accounts receivable specialists categorize the outstanding claims to make adjustments.

Successful Claims Resubmission:

Our AR recovery experts make required adjustments in the collectible claims & resubmit them before expiring filing limits. We keep following until physicians get every single dollar.

Why Choose Our AR Recovery Services?

Are poor accounts receivable management derailing your healthcare business? Then let our medical billing and coding experts handle your physician revenue cycle management. Our unique combination of well-versed staff, with over a decade of experience in multiple medical specialties, supported by the latest technology, implement innovative medical accounts receivable solutions to pave a better financial future to your healthcare practice.

Reduction in Bad-Debt Reserves

Hire Physician Billing Company & unlock revenue, which you thought can never be collected. PBC, having a wide talent pool, ensures an efficient medical billing recovery process for better physicians AR collection management.

Successful Collection Ratio

Our experts work one-on-one with you to create custom-tailored healthcare AR management services. From medical claims billing to healthcare ar recovery services & everything in between, we fine-tune the entire RCM process to perfection.


Nothing is more important to us than protecting your highly confidential healthcare information from unauthorized access. We have the highest form of security systems including encrypted connections, quality firewalls and secured information backup options.

Stay Ahead of the

Work jointly with our physician billing agency and redirect your focus on the core competencies i.e. patient care. Improved quality care services lead to a loyal customer base, high patient volume and ultimately you gain an edge over your competitors.

We act as part of your healthcare facility, working with your staff each day to secure a top position in the highly competitive healthcare market & make your business more profitable than ever before. Keep your patients satisfied and leave the rest to us. We’re the one-stop shop for your practice’s needs.

Stay Ahead of the Competitors
Keep Your Practice On Track For Success

Keep Your Practice On
Track For Success

Physician Billing Company earns the trust of its clients by being responsive and accountable. We provide regular analytical reports to offer complete insights into revenue collections management.

That means you get complete control over your finances and medical billing process without having to micromanage. Do consult with PBC & get our top-notch old AR recovery services. We add value to your healthcare practice by ensuring:

  • Optimized Physician accounts receivable recovery.
  • Increased billing efficiency.
  • Reduced workload.
  • Faster claims processing and payment collection.