HIPAA Compliant Management

At PBC, we believe the security and privacy of our clients are the elements of the highest priority.

Our HIPAA compliant management providers have established an effective benchmark to keep the highest standards of security under HIPAA compliance and maintain the zero violation policy.

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What is HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 1996 requires the creation of the highest standards to protect sensitive PHI from being disclosed without the knowledge or consent of patients.

HIPAA ensures that any organization that transmits and stores the patient’s data must adhere to HIPAA’s security, privacy, and transactions standards by taking enterprise-wide steps.

Protect Health Information

All HIPAA-covered entities and business associates are required to secure the privacy rights of patients and protect personal health information.

HIPAA Security Rule

Medical billing services must ensure compliance with the HIPAA security rules including; administrative, physical, & technical. So you can focus on patients’ care without hassles.

Grab the Ultimate HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Solution!

The HIPAA policies ensure the privacy of an individual’s health information. PBC provides reliable HIPAA compliant management solutions and designed HIPAA compliant medical billing to ensure that our services are fully HIPAA compliant. Security or privacy always remains the highest priority of PBC, which ensures the highest standards of confidentiality and security.

Security Policy

Our HIPAA compliance consultants utilize a high level of digital security services that keep the information of patients secure. Our system is specifically designed to meet the security and confidentiality requirements of the healthcare industry.

Confidentiality Policy

Our dedicated team provides HIPAA compliant management services and utilizes a compulsory compliance code to ensure integrity, availability, and confidentiality of all protected health information that we generate, receive, sustain, or transmit.

Employee Policy

Every individual at our HIPAA compliant physician billing company enters into a confidentiality agreement whose stated terms are not agreeing to utilize, publish, disclose, or permit others to use any confidential data they may come in contact with.

Our HIPAA Compliant Management Services

HIPAA compliance is not something you need to worry about when we take on your billing. PBC provides a specialized HIPAA compliant management solution and implements a security risk assessment plan, though it relies on the practice’s size.

When you choose us, our professional HIPAA compliant management providers give you the following benefits:

Our HIPAA Consulting Services Covers Your End-to-End Needs!

We have been successfully raising the graph of financial management by earning the trust of our clients for a considerable amount of time. Our HIPAA compliant management company prevents data leakage by identifying the key areas which may need additional measures.

Our professionals provide optimized HIPAA compliant management services and help healthcare practices become more secure and safe. We regularly analyze the security rules and regulations to ensure timely improvements, if needed. We restrict access to desktops, facilities & other electronic devices.

We believe in it.

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