Cardiology Medical Billing Services

As a cardiology practitioner, you focus on caring for the most vital part of the body—the heart. Patients may require one or more complex procedures, which can lead to high-volume claims. So, your billing staff must be well-versed in the applicable codes and modifiers for cardiology procedures.

The Physician Billing Company understands the complexities of billing and can help you overcome challenges such as coding errors, delayed payments, and revenue loss. Our comprehensive cardiology medical billing services include billing & coding, healthcare RCM, AR recovery, practice management, and physician credentialing.

With our specialized expertise in medical billing, tailored solutions, and proven track record, we can help your revenue boost up to 15-20%!

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Serving the Full Spectrum of Cardiology Professionals

Whether you specialize in interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, heart failure management, or any other area of cardiology, our billing services cover the entire spectrum. 

We understand the specifics of each subspecialty and can ensure accurate coding and timely claim submission for all cardiology procedures and diagnoses.

Outsource Cardiology Billing Services

Physicians prefer to outsource their medical billing and coding services to us because it saves them time, money, and effort. We prepare your bills, submit them to payers, and collect your payments timely for maximum profits. 

Medical Coding Solutions

We have a professional team of certified medical coders who are well-versed in the unique requirements of medical coding procedures for cardiology. We always make sure to use accurate and latest codes to prepare your bills so no errors can come their way during approval from insurance payers.

AR Recovery Services

We provide a well-trained workforce of AR Recovery specialists who analyze your accounts, appeal your claims, and recover your medical account collections.

Cardiology Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare revenue cycle management starts right when the patient walks into your clinic. So it is important that you collect the correct information & process this data carefully to prepare medical bills. We handle your cardiology healthcare RCM and lower your burden so that you can focus more on your practice.

Claims Follow-Up

Our medical billers prepare and submit accurate claims for the first time. Our first pass clean claim rate is 88%. We dedicate our services to fulfilling our commitments until you receive your payments in your accounts.

Enjoy Fewer Denials, Faster Payments, & Higher Satisfaction

We take care of your cardiology RCM with the following cardiology billing services:

Outsourcing Cardiology Billing to Us Increases Revenue

Cardiologists frequently miss out on reimbursements due to faulty billing practices. Errors, mistakes, outdated codes, and unverified data—these factors not only make your claims get denied or rejected but also leave a bad mark on insurance payers. 

Don’t worry; we are here to get you out of this dilemma. Our team specializes in cardiology medical billing, ensuring accurate coding and timely submission of claims for cardiology procedures and diagnoses.

We guarantee that our cardiology healthcare RCM system is 100% efficient and highly converting due to the following reasons:

Well-managed Healthcare RCM System

We provide perfect solutions to execute every step of your cardiology revenue cycle management system with 100% assurance of accuracy, reliability, & transparency. From patient registration to account receivable follow-up, we ensure timely & optimal payment for your cardiology practice.

Advanced Cardiology Billing Solutions

Each insurance company has its own set of regulations and requirements that can have an impact on cardiovascular billing and coding, even with high-quality billing software. We offer advanced cardiology medical billing services that protect your reimbursement models from glitches. We will integrate your EHR/EMR with our cutting-edge software to help you speed up the billing process.

Compliant with HIPAA, LCD and MACRA Guidelines

Claim denials mostly stem from errors in cardiology medical billing and coding, including incomplete CPT codes, missing modifiers, or codes that don’t follow local coverage determination (LCD) guidelines. 

Missing or incorrect modifiers are one of the most common errors in the medical coding process, due to constantly changing guidelines. Missing modifiers have a direct impact on the revenue cycle management process.

Our cardiology billing services are fully compliant with:

As one of the leading cardiology medical billing companies, we stay up-to-date with the latest changes and ensure that your billing practices align with these standards. Our aim is to minimize compliance risks while maximizing reimbursements.

How Our Process Works

We put together all the resources and solutions to prepare your bills, submit them to payers, and collect your payments on time. Here’s how we do that:

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your practice's billing needs and current challenges.
Then, after completing our assessment, we will send you a customized proposal detailing our services and costs.
Once you choose to partner with us, we will work closely with you to enhance your cardiology practice’s revenue performance.
Ongoing Support
Our cardiology billing experts will answer any query you may have. You can contact us any time of the day.

You Take Care of the Hearts, Let us Handle the Billing!

Get result-oriented cardiology medical billing services today to increase your revenue up to 15-20%

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