Dermatology Medical Billing Services

We help dermatology healthcare organizations to stay financially fit. Our dermatology medical billing services make flexible arrangements with medical practices and free them up from billing hassles. Partner with PBC and get ready to take your service standards to the highest levels.

Our experts have proven capabilities that enable you to drive exceptional business performance through complete viability into the practice operations. Which in turn would eventually increase patient influx, clinical efficiency, and service referrals.

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Dermatology Billing and Coding Services

Our medical billing experts have comprehensive knowledge about the global surgical packages of dermatology involving intraoperative services, supplies, wound care, postoperative complications, etc. Our teams stay updated with the recent billing and coding regulations. They have a complete understanding of CPT codes for each complicated dermatology billing procedure. Our expertise in Dermatology is not limited it includes:

Medical Dermatology

Experts at Physician Billing Company understand the billing complexities of medical dermatology which involves the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of the diseases of the skin, hair, lips, and mouth. Imagine the financial peace of mind, when industry experts will take over the responsibility of complicated billing tasks and in return, you get maximum reimbursements.

Surgical Dermatology

We don’t leave dermatologic surgeons who specialize in treating various skin, nail and hair diseases such as; aging skin, benign growths, skin cancers, aging skin, alone when it comes to getting paid for the medical care services rendered. Our dermatology billing experts listen to your requirements and tailor personalized billing solutions that sharply hit your goals.

Pediatric Dermatology

Our dermatology billing company provides the best billing services to pediatric dermatologists, who alleviate the suffering of patients by providing standard medical aid to treat childhood skin diseases, including proper pediatric medication management. PBC provides dermatology medical billing and coding expertise that your practice needs to thrive and grow in this medical landscape.


We know the fact that dermatologists providing treatment of skin disorders caused by the defective responses of the body’s immune system, find it very challenging to keep up with the ever-changing medical codes and particularly compliance standards. We help our clients to get rid of stringent compliance standards to uphold recent billing changes.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Let Physician Billing Company handle your revenue cycle management and get the assistance of industry professionals, who know their jobs very well. So don’t worry about declining reimbursements, revenue loss and cashflow disruption anymore and keep helping people in maintaining their youthful appearance by treatments such as; botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels etc.

An Overview of

Our Remarkable Dermatology Billing Services

Boost Competitiveness & Initiate Practice Growth

Facing dermatology billing issues frequently? PBC’s specialized dermatology billing services help you resolve all of your revenue cycle issues. PBC helps you maintain good financial stability and stay competitive in the market. We deliver it all with a perfect approach!

Highest Productivity Standards

We are the one-stop destination for all your practice needs. Dermatology medical billing specialist makes things convenient for you with professionalism & trust.

Risk Management Strategy

We identify the current problem areas and the future risks associated with your finances. PBC provides effective solutions to minimize and control the probability or impact of economic uncertainties.

Affordable Pricing

PBC provides cost-effective dermatology billing solutions to bring sound financial health to practitioners across the US. As your reliable billing partner, we help you to reduce the overall operational costs by 20-30%.

Dedicated Assistance

Our dedicated teams are responsible to deliver support that meets your practice requirements and protocols. We implement custom-tailored strategies that best fit your financial demands.

PBC Is An Amalgam of Experience and Qualification!

Our dermatology billing services for physicians are administered by efficient billers & coders. Our team has extensive experience to optimize your billing. Additionally, Physician Billing Company provides access to highly trained billers, coders and ar recovery experts. Our well-experienced coders understand the complexities of the RCM process and always stay up-to-date with standard HCPCS, CPT, and ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

They play a crucial role in saving your dermatology practice from financial as well as legal issues. Our billing and coding experts do a systematic evaluation and prioritize each unresolved claim. We don’t let any claim go unresolved, denied, or underpaid, which ultimately sets your business up for billing collections. Moreover, PBC helps dermatologists to keep pace with the ever-evolving healthcare industry and always stay at the competitive edge. We provide continuing education beyond and above governing standards.

What Do You Get With Our Physician

PBC Understands Dermatology Medical Billing Better!

A leading dermatology billing company like PBC can truly be the foundation for the future of your business. Our services are provided to dermatology groups and solo practitioners. As every dermatology practice is unique we customize our services according to your business needs. We provide effective comprehensive medical billing services and state-of-art technology at a time when those services are needed the most. So, join hands with PBC to bring more money while improving your patient care.

Get Real Results

Our dermatology billing providers help you enhance net collection rates, increase first-pass claim resolutions rates, and maximize reimbursements.

Mutual Success Goals

PBC helps you take your business to the highest edge. We work alongside our clients because your success is our success.

Our Promise

Our billing teams serve as an extension of every practice. You can rely on us for consistent and timely claims processing.

Delivering Numerous Benefits!

Physician Billing Company is committed to deliver unmatched dermatology medical billing services. Our billing services are supported by the electronic filing of claims, accurate billing/coding, and efficient denial prevention management.


Take the initial step in optimizing your dermatology practice. We work efficiently so you can too. Let us manage your non-medical obligations_so you can do what you were meant to do. Ready to get started? Fill the form below!