Your Complete Guide to Medicare’s 8 Minute Rule

Medicare is known for its tough claim filing and reimbursement regulations. This federal agency necessitates strict adherence to its rules to provide proper patient care and compliance within the United States.  The “Medicare 8 Minute Rule” is one example of such a regulation. The 8-minute rule is Medicare’s way of billing outpatient services and physical […]

Mental Health CPT Codes: The Expert’s Guide

Mental health, behavioral health, and psychotherapy services all use CPT codes to get reimbursed by insurance companies and government programs. However, there are some differences in the coding for these services: Different types of CPT Codes for Mental Health There are mainly three types of CPT codes for mental health.  1. Evaluation and Management Codes […]

ICD-10 Pain Management Coding 2024: What Physicians Need to Know

Accurate coding for pain management is important for many reasons, including a smooth billing process, faster reimbursements, and enhanced patient care. Despite its importance, coding for pain management can be complex. The major reason is that pain is categorized in many ways:  The other reason for complex coding is the ever-changing guidelines by the Centers […]

Why Healthcare Staff Training is A Must in 2024

As a healthcare provider, you know that your medical staff is the backbone of your practice’s success. Even if you have the most advanced software and tools, without a trained staff, you will be unable to provide high-quality care to patients.  According to research, your practice’s health is directly proportional to the training of your […]

Align Payment Plans With Patient Experience & Minimize Surprise Medical Bills

It’s a fact that healthcare organizations, particularly in the United States are facing more competition than ever before. The first and foremost motive of physicians is to enhance their reputation in the highly competitive market & attract more patients. For this purpose, they implement several strategies. But sometimes, despite making every possible effort, healthcare practitioners […]

Electronic Claim Submission _ A Key To Speed Up Your Payment Collections

Why does speedy claim processing matter? How does an electronic claim submission can benefit your practice? Tech advancement and rapid innovative developments are giving organizations advanced solutions to streamline their workloads. Throughout history, for example, practices may rely on manual methods for information collections, audits, transactions, etc. However, with the wide range of multiple smart […]

Operative Ways to Overcome Medical Billing Challenges Of Oncology Practices

Are you facing more pressure to expand your business on razor-thin margins? If so then you must look for some fundamentals to deliver better financial results to your patients while cutting costs & reducing errors. However, it may look alike a tedious chore. Regardless of specialty, accurate medical billing and coding is a necessary step […]

Crucial Steps To Devise The Perfect Plan For Effective Medical Billing

Just like other businesses, the healthcare industry is also rethinking the way revenue cycle management happens. Because the ongoing circumstances have entirely changed the ways, one can deal with the financial uncertainties, caused by the pandemic. Physicians, particularly in the United States, are still struggling to get out of the financial crisis. Such as; frequent […]