A Complete Roadmap to Avoid Healthcare Billing Malpractice & Reduce The Risk of Lawsuits

Fraud, abuse, HIPAA compliance, upcoding, under-coding, you might often come across these words more often. Because from the last few years, these issues have become buzzwords in the news media. They not only lead to significant financial loss but also can land healthcare providers in serious legal troubles. Such as; lawsuits, court trials, federal penalties […]

Align Payment Plans With Patient Experience & Minimize Surprise Medical Bills

It’s a fact that healthcare organizations, particularly in the United States are facing more competition than ever before. The first and foremost motive of physicians is to enhance their reputation in the highly competitive market & attract more patients. For this purpose, they implement several strategies. But sometimes, despite making every possible effort, healthcare practitioners […]

Analyze Payment Variances & Save Your Healthcare Practice From Financial Loss

Failure to keep a close eye on payment variances can result in the loss of hard-earned revenue. Unfortunately, it has become one of the major reasons that healthcare providers lose millions of dollars annually. Are you successfully analyzing the payment variances to keep your healthcare business afloat? If not then what are the major hurdles […]

What is Top of Mind for Revenue Cycle Billing Leaders in the Upcoming Years?

As an administrator of the healthcare practice, you’ve faced a lot of obstacles in growing the medical business. But being a successful business leader doesn’t mean that you are now in the safe zone. There will always be additional challenges ahead. Once you secure a top position in the healthcare market with a considerable loyal […]

Electronic Claim Submission _ A Key To Speed Up Your Payment Collections

Why does speedy claim processing matter? How does an electronic claim submission can benefit your practice? Tech advancement and rapid innovative developments are giving organizations advanced solutions to streamline their workloads. Throughout history, for example, practices may rely on manual methods for information collections, audits, transactions, etc. However, with the wide range of multiple smart […]